Camp Discovery Redefines Able and Helps Campers Recognize New Freedom
Women Renew Courage through Dr. Audrey Boxwell’s Psyche Hike®

September 14, 2009 (Denver, CO)…Trish Downing is redefining able this October 1 – 4 with the launch of Camp Discovery, a retreat designed for women 20 years and older who have been affected by a life-changing disability requiring the use of a wheelchair. In a sold-out session, more than 15 women will have the opportunity to build their personal fitness, explore self-esteem and body-image and participate in self-discovery at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center in Englewood.

"While others may not realize it, living life from a wheelchair does not have to be the worst thing in the world," said Downing, Camp Director. "It is merely a mode of transportation; a daily living aid. It does not define you. What does define you is your spirit, your enthusiasm for life and eagerness to move forward despite any challenges you might face." Camp Discovery's goals are to help women who have experienced a life-altering injury or disease redefine themselves to live strong, productive and happy lives by: Goals are accomplished through fun activities taught by instructors, who are experienced in training athletes in wheelchairs. Activities include tennis, scuba, golf, hand cycling, weights, pilates, a Psyche Hike® with Dr. Audrey Boxwell and much more. Camp Discovery attendees will have access to sports trainers, a life coach and spa treatments.

“When you move, you feel better,” said Dr. Boxwell. “Campers will go on a PsycheHike with me, where we will meditate, helping them reduce stress so individuals can restore their strength, renew their courage and create a clear path toward life change.”

Camp Discovery Redefines Able and Helps Campers Recognize New Freedom

"Camp Discovery is the place where you leave your limits behind and discover a new freedom,” added Downing. “Our activities are designed to reach your mind, body and spirit, helping you tap into an inner peacefulness and place of confidence, security and self-acceptance."

About Psyche Hike®
Founded by Dr. Audrey Boxwell, Psyche Hike® is an experiential educational workshop based on more than 30 years of experience gaining insights into the mind-body connection, well being and peak performance. It integrates hiking, meditation and journaling into one experience and encourages participants to reconnect on a deeper level, becoming conscious of dreams and desires.

Audrey Boxwell, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized expert who focuses on the power of the mind to heal. She has been researching the relationship of the mind, body and spirit for the past seven years. Through guided imagery and hypnotherapy, Dr. Boxwell helps clients connect to their authentic, healthy selves. Please visit for more information.

About Trish Downing
On Sept. 17, 2000, Trish went from being a competitive cyclist to a paraplegic dependent on a wheelchair. Her life was changed forever, but Trish’s competitive spirit and zest for life continued on. Through her experiences in both rehab and racing, Trish has overcome adversity and learned what it takes to perform at the top of her game. Now as a world-class physically challenged triathlete, Trish travels the globe racing and sharing her message of strength and perseverance. Redefining Able.

As the only female paraplegic to complete an Iron distance Triathlon (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and a 26.2-mile run), Trish knows that life is an endurance sport. As a result, Trish and a group of dedicated volunteers have created Camp Discovery to help other women, affected by injury or disease, to reinvent themselves and find joy in following a new path. Camp Discovery is an opportunity to spend a weekend developing your mind, body and spirit connection, so that campers too can redefine able. For more information, please visit

Camp Discovery Sponsors: The year's camp is made possible by a generous grant from the AVON Hello Tomorrow Fund, Avon, Challenging Athletes Foundation, The Sporting Community Fund, St. Anthony Health Foundation and Craig Hospital.

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