Common Questions
Q. Do you accept insurance?
A: Hypnotherapy is covered by many insurance companies with a doctor’s referral. Check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for reimbursement.

Q. What happens during hypnosis?
A: The process of hypnosis involves focusing deeply on a thought or image—letting imagery become totally absorbing. The therapist talks to you and gently guides you into a very relaxed state. While you are in this deeply relaxed and focused state, the therapist presents a suggestion to help you solve your problem. When the mind is intensely focused, these suggestions have a powerful effect—which is the magic of hypnosis.

Q. Will I lose control?
A: You remain conscious during the entire hypnotherapy session and can freely choose to accept or reject any suggestions given to you. No one takes away your power under any condition—no one makes you do anything you would not normally do; hypnotherapy is not a stage show—it is a powerful tool used for healing.

Q. How long does treatment take?
A: Treatment sessions vary; each client and issue/addiction is unique. Sessions typically last from 60 –90 minutes. Clients tend to see results in two-eight sessions.

Q. Is client information confidential?
A: Absolutely. Colorado law requires confidentiality between therapist and client. Your case will never be discussed outside of the session unless authorized by you. (Legal exceptions to this will be addressed during the first visit.)

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